AFM for studies in the conditions of controlled environment, low vacuum, external magnetic fields.

NTEGRA Aura is a Scanning Probe Microscope for studies in the conditions of controlled environment and low vacuum.

The Q-factor of the cantilever in vacuum increases, thus gaining the sensitivity, reliability and accuracy of “probe-sample” light forces measurements. At that, the change from atmosphere pressure to 10-3 Torr vacuum provides the tenfold gain of Q-factor. By further vacuum pumping, Q-factor reaches its plateau and changes insignificantly. Thus, NTEGRA Aura presents the optimal “price/quality” ratio: comparing to the high-vacuum devices it needs much less time – only one minute – to get the vacuum that is needed for the tenfold Q-factor increase. At the same time the system is compact and easy to operate and maintain. As the NTEGRA platform product, NTEGRA Aura has built-in closed loop control for all the axes, optical system with 1 µm resolution and ability to work with more than 40 different AFM methods.

Due to the open architecture, the functionality of NTEGRA Aura can be widen essentially: specialized magnetic measurements with external magnetic field (horizontal, up to +/-0.3 T; vertical, up to +/-0.01 T), high-temperature experiments (heating up to 300 °С with temperature maintaining precision of 0.05 °С), etc.


NTEGRA Aura allows to carry out the research of surface characteristics with nanometric resolution and near-surface physical fields of various objects that can be placed into vacuum.


Measuring modes and techniques

AFM (contact + intermittent contact)/ HybriDTM mode/ Lateral Force Microscopy / Force Modulation Microscopy / Magnetic Force Microscopy/ Electrostatic Force Microscopy / Scanning Capacitance Force Microscopy/ Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy / Piezoresponce Force Microscopy/ Spreading-Resistance Imaging / STM/ Nanosclerometry/ Lithography: AFM (Force + Current), STM


Scan typeScanning by sampleScanning by probe*
Sample sizeUp to 40 mm in diameter,
up to 15 mm in height
Up to 100 mm in diameter,
up to 15 mm in height
Sample weight Up to 100 g Up to 300 g
XY sample positiniong 5×5 mm 5×5 mm
Positioning resolution readable resolution – 5 um
sensitivity – 2 um
readable resolution – 5 um
sensitivity – 2 um
Scan range 100x100x10 um
3x3x2,6 um
100x100x10 um
50x50x5 um
Scan range Up to 150x150x15 um**(DualScanTM mode) Up to 150x150x15 um**(DualScanTM mode)
Non linearity, XY
(with closed loop sensors)
≤ 0.1% ≤ 0.15%
Noise level, Z
(RMS in bandwidth 1000 Hz)
With sensors 0.04 nm (typically),
≤0.06 nm
0.06 nm (typically),
≤0.07 nm
Noise level, Z
(RMS in bandwidth 1000 Hz)
Without sensors 0.03 nm 0.05 nm
Noise level, XY***
(RMS in bandwidth 200 Hz)
With sensors 0.2 nm (typically),
≤0.3 nm (XY 100 um)
0.1 nm (typically),
≤0.2 nm
Noise level, XY***
(RMS in bandwidth 200 Hz)
Without sensors 0.02 nm (XY 100 um),
0.001 nm (XY 3 um)
0.01 nm
Optical viewing system Optical resolution 1 um 3 um
Optical viewing system Field of view 4.5-0.4 mm 2.0-0.4 mm
Optical viewing system Continuous zoom available available
Temperature control Range From RT to +150 °C From RT to +150 °C
Temperature control Stability ±0.005 °C (typically), ≤±0.01 °C ±0.005 °C (typically), ≤±0.01 °C
Vacuum system Pressure 10-2 Torr 10-2 Torr
Vibration isolation Active 0.7-1000 Hz 0.7-1000 Hz
Vibration isolation Passive above 1 kHz above 1 kHz

* Scanning head can be configured to serve as a stand-alone device for specimens of unlimited sizes.

** Optionally can be expanded to 200x200x20 um.

*** Built-in capacitive sensors have extremely low noise and any area down to 50×50 nm can be scanned with closed-loop control.